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Kyrie Kristmanson

« Her inspiration seems to come from the depths of the ages to reach the future, but crystallizes with aplomb here and now" Benjamin Minimum, Mondomix


     Kyrie Kristmanson develops a kaleidoscopic universe, a musical emanation that borrows from pop, electro, medieval sounds... a singular mix of very old energies with an enchanting look at the present.


       Her debut album, Origin of Stars, explores the vibrations of the past in the lands of Canada's Far North where she grew up. Composed in Canada, it was released worldwide by NØ FØRMAT!/Universal France in 2010. The tour that follows will take her to Europe and the South of France where, intrigued by the history carried by the stones, she visits the ruins of medieval castles.


     These medieval vestiges, former residences of an Occitan nobility, will incite him to retrace the incomplete repertoire of the first female composers: the Trobairitz. After completing a thesis on them at the Sorbonne, it was by taking the liberty of appropriating these secular love poems that she composed a second opus: Modern Ruin. Arranged for string quartet and voice by Clément Ducol and co-directed by Maxime le Guil, this fantastic extrapolation of these lost songs was released by Naïve in February 2015.


     Today, fascinated by the discoveries of quantum physics, Kyrie wonders about the hypothesis of a musical tradition coming from a parallel world ... The result of this questioning is a kind of folk-cosmic music that seems to have travelled light years across stellar skies. Recorded in an abandoned wing of the Château de Versailles and produced by Saint Michel, the tour for this new album Lady Lightly will take place - hopefully - in 2021.

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